Educational Programs

The Bird Center’s Education Team and their traveling exhibits bring nature education programs to schools, festivals, and events throughout the Florida Keys. Team Wild Bird Educators work to increase awareness of native and migratory bird species as well as their needs, biology, and care. The Team hopes youth and adults will become empowered to act as wildlife and environmental ambassadors by caring for the environment through exploration. Participants develop a greater biological understanding of birds, creating a deeper personal connection with nature.

It’s no secret that the Florida Keys are known for rare and unique species of birds year round. For many living here, it’s a magnificent part of nature we often take for granted. Not only are we home to approximately 220 species, but we are also situated on the Florida Bay, very close to the Everglades National Park. Almost 400 native and migratory species can be found in our backyard each year.

The Center’s educational program invites students to learn at our two facilities or in the classroom. Facilitated by resident wildlife biologists, students tour the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary where they visit the exhibits on the wetlands property. Here they can ask all the questions they have including:

  • “Why is a birds beak shaped that way?”
  • “How do birds fly?”
  • “What kind of bird is that?”

And most importantly…


Our programs mentor and teach participants to live with respect for wildlife, the environment, and the planet. To learn more about in school programs, contact us.