How can I protect wild birds from my cat and other pets?

The simplest answer is to leave your pets inside. This is especially helpful during nesting season when baby birds are falling out of nests and learning to fly. While this may seem cruel to your pet, the reality is that it’s actually healthier for them as well. Most cats are expert climber, and they can […]

Why are domestic and feral house cats bad for birds?

Through the use of artificial selection, domestic house cats evolved from larger cats in a fairly short amount of time. This causes a major problem for birds, because the birds did not evolve with the pressure of having to avoid such predators. Thus birds, especially small birds, are ill-equipped to avoid being hunted by cats. […]

Is it okay to give bread to birds?

No. Bread is bad for all species of birds, even gulls, ducks, and doves. Bread has virtually zero nutritional value and can be the cause of many problems for birds. Click here to learn about malnutrition that can result from feeding bread to birds, including waterfowl.

Can I keep a native bird, like an owl, as a pet?

No. All native and migratory birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Protection Treaty Act. Under this Treaty, native and migratory birds may not be possessed by anyone without a wildlife rehabilitator’s license and/or wildlife education permits. This Treaty also includes bird parts such as feathers, bones, skulls, skin, talons, and eggs. Q: Is it […]

Do birds make good pets?

We always encourage people to think twice (and then once more for good measure) about adopting a bird as a pet. Birds require the most care and attention of all pets. This is especially true with exotic parrot species, such as scarlet macaws and African grey parrots. If exotic parrots are moved between different living […]