Charlie & Friends


Name: Charlie & Friends
Species: Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)
Life History: Charley is non-releasable due to a permanent injury in his right wing. Vultures are most commonly hit by cars when they are eating carrion by the side of the road. Thank you, Mrs. Harrelson’s class of Plantation Key School, for helping us to name Charley, the turkey vulture!

With each adoption you will receive

Silver Level:

  • Adoption Certificate
  • History of your bird
  • Commemorative Wild Bird Center Sticker
  • 4″ x 6″ photo of your bird

Gold Level:

  • All Silver Level Items plus…
  • Mini Jute Tote Bag
  • Commemorative Wild Bird Center Pin
  • 26 oz Aluminum sports bottle with FKWBC Logo

Platinum Level:

  • All Gold Level Items plus…
  • 2 GIG USB Card Data Drive with FKWBC Logo
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