Samson & Delilah


Name: Samson & Delilah
Species: Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)
Life History: Samson (left) and Delilah (right) were brought to the Bird Center prior to 2011 from a rehabilitation center in Northern Florida. Samson and Delilah both suffer from defects in their right wings, most likely the result of a collision with a moving vehicle. Both owls have two fully intact wings, but their non-functional right wings prevents them from being able to hunt and flee from danger on their own. Delilah is a bit larger than Samson, and she wears a pink band on her left foot while Samson sports a blue band on his left foot.

With each adoption you will receive

Silver Level:

  • Adoption Certificate
  • History of your bird
  • Commemorative Wild Bird Center Sticker
  • 4″ x 6″ photo of your bird

Gold Level:

  • All Silver Level Items plus…
  • Mini Jute Tote Bag
  • Commemorative Wild Bird Center Pin
  • 26 oz Aluminum sports bottle with FKWBC Logo

Platinum Level:

  • All Gold Level Items plus…
  • 2 GIG USB Card Data Drive with FKWBC Logo
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