Assistant Sanctuary Technician (AST)

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Position Description

AST’s help the FKWBRC staff to maintain a heightened level of excellence in the maintenance of our Wild Bird Sanctuary, including the sanctuary’s boardwalk and it’s permanent bird residents. ASTs are volunteers that don’t mind breaking a sweat or getting their hands dirty to get the job done, while appreciating that getting to work in the tranquil setting of the Wild Bird Sanctuary is always rewarding. Previous ASTs have assisted with enclosure construction/demolition, removal of invasive plant species, and assisting with the feed out of our non-releasable animals.


  • Assist with cleaning the boardwalk, beach, and other areas of the sanctuary
  • Assist with enclosure maintenance (including changing food/water dishes)
  • Work with the FKWBRC staff to complete general upkeep and other projects.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Facilities Maintenance Foreman.

Immediate Supervisor

Facilities Maintenance Foreman


  • Ability to lift and carry thirty pounds
  • Ability to work outdoors in hot/humid conditions and other elements.
  • Experience using cleaning supplies (broom, mop, bucket) and other maintenance tools (wheelbarrow, rake, loppers) is preferred, but is not required.


AST’s are trained on-site by the Facilities Maintenance Foreman, the Senior Sanctuary Volunteer, the Volunteer Coordinator, or a combination of the aforementioned staff. Initial training sessions range in length of time between one hour and one full shift.

Scheduling Commitment

AST’s are scheduled for three-hour shifts in the morning (8:00am – 11:00am) during the week (Monday – Friday). AST’s may also be offered the opportunity to assist with other projects that require more time than a regular three-hour shift. AST’s are expected to log at least six hours of service each month.

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