Bird Emergency Rescuer (BER)

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Position Description

Bird Emergency Rescue volunteers help the FKWBRC team cover the largest avian rescue/rehabilitation territory in all of the Florida Keys; MM 70 – Homestead. FKWBRC staff work with BERs to coordinate the rescue of sick/injured birds based on the geographic location of the incident. By sending BERs to pick up a bird in need of rescue, our staff is able to continue to help our other patients while the new patient is en route to our bird hospital at Mission Wild Bird. In most cases every minute counts, and BERs play a vital role in giving our team as much time as possible to save each bird’s life.


  • Pick up sick/injured birds from off-site locations
  • Ensure that the injured bird is properly contained
  • Drive patients to Mission Wild Bird hospital
  • Assist staff with completing patient intake sheet by providing basic information about the rescue.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Mission Wild Bird Hospital Manager.

Immediate Supervisor

Mission Wild Bird Hospital Manager


  • Valid Florida state driver’s license
  • Clean driving record
  • Functional motor vehicle
  • Willingness to take emergency/rescue calls as late as 7:00pm
  • Willingness to transport contained wild birds
  • Reliable ability to communicate with FKWBRC staff remotely/off-site (cellphone).


BER’s are trained onsite by the Volunteer Coordinator and the MWB Hospital Manager. Initial training session take less than 30 minutes, and retraining is available when needed or requested.

Scheduling Commitment

BER’s are considered to be on-call volunteers that are utilized when the FKWBRC staff is overburdened with daily/evening operations. FKWBRC staff coordinate with BER’s in specific locations to minimize the response time between receiving an emergency call and the patient arriving at the MWB Hospital. Given the highly unpredictable frequency of such a need, BER’s are not required to fulfill a specific number of volunteer hours per month.

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